What is Season 7 of American Horror Story?

American Horror Story is a popular anthology horror series created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. The series has been on the air for over a decade, and it has garnered a massive following around the world. Each season of the show features a unique storyline and set of characters, all set in different locations and timelines. In this article, we will delve into Season 7 of American Horror Story, exploring its plot, characters, production, and reception.


One of the terrifying clowns from season 7 of American Horror Story.
One of the terrifying clowns from season 7 of American Horror Story.

Before diving into the specifics of Season 7, let’s take a brief look at American Horror Story’s overall premise. The show is known for its horror-themed storylines that explore various supernatural and psychological phenomena. It has tackled topics such as ghosts, witches, vampires, aliens, and cults, to name a few. Each season is a self-contained story, but the show often features recurring actors playing different roles in different seasons.

Plot of Season 7

A haunting scene from season 7 of American Horror Story.
A haunting scene from season 7 of American Horror Story.

Season 7 of American Horror Story is titled “Cult”. It takes place in the aftermath of the 2016 United States presidential election and follows a cult formed around the events that transpired. The season explores themes of paranoia, fear, and manipulation, and features characters on both sides of the political spectrum.

The season’s plot revolves around a couple, Ally and Ivy, who live in Michigan and are deeply affected by the election’s outcome. Ally, played by Sarah Paulson, suffers from several phobias, including coulrophobia (fear of clowns), which becomes a central point of the season. She becomes increasingly paranoid and fearful after the election, and her mental state deteriorates as the cult’s influence grows stronger.

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The cult’s leader, Kai Anderson, played by Evan Peters, is a charismatic and manipulative figure who preys on people’s fears and insecurities. He uses the election’s outcome to rally his followers and carry out his twisted agenda, which involves violence, murder, and political gain.

Stay tuned for the next sections, where we will explore the cast and characters and the production and release date of Season 7 of American Horror Story.

Cast and Characters

Season 7 of American Horror Story features a mix of returning cast members and new faces. Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Cheyenne Jackson are among the returning cast members. Fan-favorite Emma Roberts also returns for a small role in one episode. Newcomers to the series include Billie Lourd, Alison Pill, and Billy Eichner.

Sarah Paulson’s character, Ally Mayfair-Richards, is a woman struggling with her fears and anxieties after the election. Evan Peters’ character, Kai Anderson, is the leader of the cult and a master manipulator. Cheyenne Jackson plays Dr. Rudy Vincent, a therapist who becomes involved with the cult.

Billie Lourd plays Winter Anderson, Kai’s sister, and a key member of the cult. Alison Pill plays Ivy Mayfair-Richards, Ally’s wife, and a chef who becomes involved with the cult. Billy Eichner plays Harrison Wilton, a new neighbor to Ally and Ivy who becomes involved with the cult.

Production and Release Date

Production for Season 7 of American Horror Story began in May 2017 and wrapped up in October of the same year. The season was filmed in Southern California, with some scenes shot in Michigan to reflect the season’s setting.

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Season 7 of American Horror Story premiered on September 5, 2017, on FX Networks. The season consisted of 11 episodes, with the finale airing on November 14, 2017. The season was also available to stream on FX’s website and Hulu.

Leading up to the season’s release, FX released several teasers and promos, each one hinting at the season’s themes and characters. The teasers were cryptic and left fans speculating about what to expect from the season. The marketing campaign was successful in generating buzz and anticipation for the season, which ultimately proved to be one of the most popular seasons of the show to date.

Reception and Reviews

Initial Reception

When Season 7 of American Horror Story premiered in September 2017, it received mixed reviews from critics and fans. Some praised the show’s commentary on political paranoia and manipulation, while others criticized its heavy-handed approach to the subject matter. The season’s ratings were slightly lower than previous seasons, but it still managed to attract a significant audience.

Critical Reviews

Many critics praised the performances of Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, who have become fan favorites on the show. However, some reviewers felt that the season’s writing and pacing were uneven, and that it failed to live up to the high standards set by previous seasons. Despite the mixed reviews, the show was still nominated for several awards, including Emmys for Outstanding Sound Editing and Outstanding Makeup.

Fan Feedback

As with any season of American Horror Story, “Cult” sparked intense discussion and debate among fans. Some appreciated the season’s timely themes and thought-provoking commentary, while others felt that it was too heavy-handed and lacked the show’s trademark scares and thrills. Nevertheless, the show’s fans remain passionate and dedicated, eagerly anticipating each new season’s release.

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In conclusion, Season 7 of American Horror Story offered a unique take on the horror genre, exploring the aftermath of the 2016 election and the rise of political paranoia and fear. While the season received mixed reviews, it still managed to attract a significant audience and spark intense discussion among fans. As the show continues to evolve and explore new themes and storylines, fans can look forward to more scares, thrills, and thought-provoking commentary.

The future of American Horror Story looks bright, with the show continuing to attract top talent and garner critical acclaim. With each new season offering a fresh take on horror and the supernatural, the show remains a must-watch for fans of the genre. As the Wiki Put brand continues to provide breaking news and in-depth analysis on a wide range of topics, we will continue to follow American Horror Story and bring you the latest updates and insights.

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