What Day Is American Horror Story? – A Complete Guide

American Horror Story is a popular TV series that has been captivating audiences since it first aired in 2011. The show is known for its unique storylines, exceptional cast, and thrilling horror elements. As a devoted fan, it’s important to know when the show will be airing so that you don’t miss a single episode. In this article, we’ll provide you with a complete guide on what day American Horror Story airs, a brief overview of the show’s history, the different seasons and episodes, and ways to watch the show.

American Horror Story: Overview

Mark your calendars and don't miss the next episode of American Horror Story!
Mark your calendars and don’t miss the next episode of American Horror Story!

American Horror Story is a horror anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. Each season of the show has a different storyline, and the majority of the cast members play different characters each season. The show has won numerous awards, including Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

The show’s popularity is due to its exceptional cast, which includes actors such as Jessica Lange, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates. The show’s unique storylines also set it apart from other horror series. Each season explores a different horror trope, such as haunted houses, asylums, and witches.

As of 2021, American Horror Story has ten seasons, with the tenth season expected to air later this year. The show has been renewed for three more seasons, which means fans can expect to see more of their favorite show in the coming years.

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American Horror Story: Seasons and Episodes

Gather your friends and have a spooky movie night with American Horror Story!
Gather your friends and have a spooky movie night with American Horror Story!

American Horror Story has a total of ten seasons, with each season consisting of ten to thirteen episodes. Here is a breakdown of each season and a brief summary of its storyline:

  1. Murder House: The first season of the show revolves around a haunted house in Los Angeles.

  2. Asylum: The second season is set in an asylum and explores themes such as mental illness and religion.

  3. Coven: The third season focuses on a coven of witches in New Orleans.

  4. Freak Show: The fourth season is set in a freak show in Jupiter, Florida, in the 1950s.

  5. Hotel: The fifth season is set in a haunted hotel in Los Angeles.

  6. Roanoke: The sixth season revolves around the mystery of the Roanoke Colony in North Carolina.

  7. Cult: The seventh season explores the aftermath of the 2016 United States presidential election.

  8. Apocalypse: The eighth season is a crossover between the Murder House and Coven seasons and follows the end of the world.

  9. 1984: The ninth season is set in a summer camp in the 1980s and pays homage to slasher films.

  10. Double Feature: The tenth season is set to premiere in August 2021 and will be split into two parts, with each part exploring a different horror trope.

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American Horror Story: Schedule

American Horror Story usually airs in the fall, with new seasons premiering in September or October. The show airs on FX, and the exact date and time of the show’s airing can vary. Typically, American Horror Story airs on Wednesday nights at 10 pm EST.

It’s important to note that the airing schedule can sometimes change, so it’s essential to keep an eye on FX’s schedule or set a reminder to ensure you don’t miss an episode. Additionally, the show is available to stream on platforms such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video, so if you can’t catch the show when it airs, you can always watch it later.

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How to Watch American Horror Story

There are several ways to watch American Horror Story. One of the most popular ways is to watch it on cable TV. The show airs on FX, and you can watch it live or record it using a DVR. You can also watch American Horror Story on streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix.

If you don’t have cable TV, you can still watch American Horror Story by subscribing to FX Plus. FX Plus is a subscription service that allows you to watch the latest episodes of American Horror Story as well as other FX shows. You can also purchase individual episodes or entire seasons on platforms such as iTunes and Google Play.


Knowing when American Horror Story airs is crucial if you’re a fan of the show. You don’t want to miss an episode, and you want to stay up to date with the latest season. In this article, we provided a complete guide on what day American Horror Story airs, a brief overview of the show’s history, the different seasons and episodes, and ways to watch the show.

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Whether you’re watching on cable TV or a streaming service, American Horror Story has something for every horror fan. With its exceptional cast, unique storylines, and thrilling horror elements, it’s no wonder the show has been captivating audiences for ten seasons. So, mark your calendars and tune in to American Horror Story for a spine-chilling experience.

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