How to Set up a Conference Line

Are you tired of endless emails and missed calls while trying to coordinate meetings? Setting up a conference line can be the perfect solution to streamline communication and ensure everyone is on the same page. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up a conference line, from choosing a service provider to conducting a successful conference call.


Conducting a successful conference call requires effective communication
Conducting a successful conference call requires effective communication

A conference line is a virtual meeting space that allows multiple participants to dial in and communicate with one another. It’s an essential tool for businesses that have remote employees, clients, or partners. Conference lines can be used for a wide range of purposes, including team meetings, sales pitches, and client presentations.

Choosing a Conference Line Service Provider

Sending invitations for a conference call can be done on your mobile phone
Sending invitations for a conference call can be done on your mobile phone

The first step in setting up a conference line is to choose a service provider that meets your organization’s needs. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a conference line service provider:


When selecting a conference line service provider, make sure to check the features they offer. Some features to look for include call recording, screen sharing, and mute controls. Ensure the service provider you select has the required features for your organization.


Most conference line service providers have different subscription plans that suit various budgets. Ensure you pick a plan that meets your organization’s needs and budget.


The reliability of the service provider is crucial. Ensure that the provider you select has a stable and reliable network that can handle the number of participants you expect to join the conference call.

Customer Support

It’s essential to choose a service provider with excellent customer support. You might need support if you encounter any technical issues during the conference call.

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After considering these factors, compare different conference line service providers and select the one that best suits your organization’s needs.

Setting Up the Conference Line

Once you have chosen a conference line service provider, the next step is to set up the conference line. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Sign Up

Register for an account with the conference line service provider. Most providers offer a free trial period, so take advantage of it to test the service before committing.

Step 2: Schedule the Conference

Schedule the conference call and set the date and time. Ensure you set a time that works for all participants and send out invitations well in advance.

Step 3: Set Up the Conference Line

Set up the conference line by following the provider’s instructions. You may need to download software or an app to set up the conference call. Ensure you test the conference call before the scheduled date to avoid any technical issues during the conference call.

Common Features of Conference Lines

Most conference lines have common features that make them effective communication tools. Some of these features include:

  • Mute controls: allows you to mute participants to prevent background noise
  • Call recording: enables you to save the conference call for future reference
  • Screen sharing: allows you to share your screen with participants
  • Q&A session: enables participants to ask questions during the conference call

Inviting Participants to the Conference

After setting up the conference line, the next step is to invite participants to the conference call. Here are some ways to invite participants to the conference:

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Email Invitations

Send out email invitations to participants with all the necessary details, including the date, time, and conference line number. Ensure you send the invitations well in advance to allow participants to prepare.

Calendar Invites

Use calendar invites to send reminders to participants about the conference call. Calendar invites are convenient and ensure participants are reminded of the conference call.

Best Practices in Sending Invitations

When sending out invitations, ensure you include all the necessary details about the conference call. Provide clear instructions on how to join the conference call and include a backup plan in case of technical issues. Additionally, follow up with participants a few days before the conference call to confirm their attendance.

By following these steps, you can set up a conference line and invite participants for a successful conference call.

Conducting the Conference

Once you have set up the conference line and invited participants, it’s time to conduct the conference. Here are some guidelines on how to conduct a successful conference call:

Start on Time

Starting the conference call on time is crucial to ensuring that everyone is on the same page. It’s essential to set a specific time for the conference call and send out reminders to all participants beforehand.

Introduce Participants

Introduce all participants at the beginning of the call to ensure that everyone knows who is on the call. This step is especially important if some participants have not met before.

Stick to the Agenda

It’s essential to stick to the agenda to ensure that the conference call remains focused. Share the agenda with all participants before the call and ensure that everyone has a copy.

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Encourage Participation

Encourage all participants to participate in the discussion. Engage participants who are quiet by asking them for feedback or their opinion on a specific topic.

Summarize Key Points

Summarize key points discussed during the call to ensure that everyone understands the outcomes of the conference call. It’s essential to share the summary with all participants after the call.

End the Call on Time

End the call on time to ensure that everyone can get back to their work. Thank all participants for their time and input during the call.


In conclusion, setting up a conference line can be an excellent way to improve communication and streamline meetings. The process involves choosing a conference line service provider, setting up the conference line, inviting participants, and conducting the conference. By following the guidelines and tips outlined in this article, you can conduct a successful conference call that achieves its objectives.

At Wiki Put, we believe that conference calls are an essential tool for any organization that values communication and collaboration. Start setting up your conference line today and experience the benefits of improved communication and streamlined meetings.

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