How Do You Do a Conference Call? A Complete Guide

As businesses have gone global, so has the need to communicate with people in different regions. Conference calls have become an essential part of the business world, enabling people to connect over long distances. It’s an effective way to hold meetings, collaborate with team members, and discuss important matters without having to be in the same room. In this article, we will provide a complete guide on how to do a conference call, including preparations, conducting the call, troubleshooting, etiquette, and best practices.


Conducting a successful conference call with multiple participants
Conducting a successful conference call with multiple participants

Conference calls have become a standard method of communication for businesses worldwide. It allows you to talk to multiple people at once and is an excellent way to collaborate with team members who are located in different regions. With the right preparation and etiquette, you can conduct an effective conference call that achieves your desired goals.


Dealing with technical difficulties during a conference call
Dealing with technical difficulties during a conference call

Before starting a conference call, it’s crucial to prepare adequately to ensure a smooth experience for everyone involved. Here are some steps to follow:

Choosing the Right Conference Call Service

The first step is to select a conference call service that suits your needs. There are various services available, such as Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, and many more. Consider the number of participants, the features you require, and the cost before selecting a service.

Inviting Participants

Once you have chosen a conference call service, it’s time to invite participants. Send out invitations with the date, time, and call-in details. Make sure to include any relevant documents or agendas to help participants prepare adequately.

Scheduling the Call

Schedule the conference call at a time that’s convenient for all participants and ensure they have enough notice to prepare. It’s also essential to consider the time zones of all participants to avoid scheduling conflicts.

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Preparing Necessary Equipment

Make sure you have all the necessary equipment, such as a reliable internet connection, a microphone, and a webcam if required. Test the equipment beforehand to avoid any technical difficulties during the call.

Conducting the Conference Call

Starting the Call

When it’s time to start the call, make sure you are ready and have joined the call a few minutes early. Greet everyone and introduce yourself and any other participants who may be joining the call. Set the tone for the call by stating the objective and agenda items, so everyone is clear about what the discussion will entail.

Managing the Call

As the moderator or host of the call, it’s essential to manage the call effectively. Make sure everyone has a chance to speak and contribute to the discussion. Keep the conversation on track and ensure that the call stays within the allotted time frame. If necessary, redirect the conversation or table items for future discussion.

Encouraging Participation

Encouraging participation is crucial to an effective conference call. Encourage participants to share their thoughts and ideas, and ask for feedback. Use their insights to shape the discussion and reach a consensus. Make sure to call on participants who may be more reserved or hesitant to share, so everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute.


Common Technical Issues

Technical difficulties are inevitable during a conference call. Common issues include poor audio quality, difficulty connecting, and dropped calls. It’s essential to have a plan in place to troubleshoot these issues quickly. Ensure that all participants have access to technical support if required.

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Addressing Audio Problems

Audio problems are one of the most common issues during a conference call. Ensure all participants have the necessary equipment and that their microphones are working correctly. If participants are using external microphones, make sure they are positioned correctly and test them before the call.

Solving Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues can disrupt a conference call. Ensure that all participants have a stable internet connection and that their bandwidth is sufficient for the call. Encourage participants to close any unnecessary applications or downloads that may affect their connection. If connectivity issues persist, consider rescheduling the call or using an alternative conference call service.

Etiquette and Best Practices

Like any meeting, a conference call requires proper etiquette to ensure everyone has a productive experience. Here are some best practices to follow:

Introducing Participants

At the start of the call, introduce all participants to ensure everyone knows who is attending. If there are many participants, consider asking everyone to introduce themselves briefly.

Staying Focused

It’s essential to stay focused during a conference call to avoid wasting time. Avoid multitasking, such as checking emails or browsing the internet, as it can be distracting and disrespectful to other participants.

Avoiding Distractions

Find a quiet and distraction-free location to conduct the conference call. Avoid background noise, such as a barking dog or noisy traffic, as it can be disruptive to the call.

Muting When Necessary

Always mute your microphone when you’re not speaking to avoid any background noise. If you’re in a noisy environment, consider using a headset with a noise-canceling feature.


In conclusion, conducting a successful conference call requires proper preparation, etiquette, and best practices. Choosing the right conference call service, inviting participants, scheduling the call, and preparing necessary equipment are crucial steps to ensure a smooth experience. Introducing participants, staying focused, avoiding distractions, and muting when necessary are essential best practices to follow. As businesses continue to operate globally, conference calls will remain a vital tool for communication. Therefore, it’s crucial to practice and perfect your conference call skills to achieve your desired goals. At Wiki Put, we strive to provide informative and engaging articles that help our readers succeed in their professional and personal lives.

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